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Clazy Airways Limited is an integrated regional airline company established in the year 2020. Our aviation services include regional air transportation and private jet bookings. We also undertake pilot training and our flying club service is our exclusive membership plan crafted to surprise you all. Fly with us is Clazy's premiere air ticket booking service. When it comes to booking a flight, everyone's checklist is different. Whatever your dream journey looks like, let's make it amazing. Your favorite holiday and travel destination can be explored at The business is headquartered in the Southern part of India. We are proud to be one of India's youngest airlines and more focused on the regional connectivity of small towns of Southern parts of India. We're the fastest-growing airline in India. Our mission is to connect the nook and corner of the global map with quality airway service. Clazy Airways has a fleet of aircraft of the latest generation and an unprecedented quality of operation from our home and hub. Our mission is to make Clazy Airways your favorite airline, providing you with all kinds of airways services under one platform whether it's becoming a private or professional commercial pilot or flying for your first time, Clazy Airways has got your requirements covered under one platform.

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Our Directors are experienced entrepreneurs and continuing a tremendous journey as a leading financial service provider for more than 20 years. The other sectors of their focus as a leader and directors include the mining industry, Jewellery, wealth management, and commercials for over 17 years. They had got various aviation experiences under their belt since 2007. Having a master's degree in Business Administration, Sathish had taken the responsibilities of setting up investment programs in Clazy Airways Limited, launching new charter flights, planning, and initiating regional air routes in Clazy Airways. THE Charter R&D team is directly monitored by him with the utmost quality. Being active in social and charitable activities were the other areas where he is involved in.


Sathish joined the Board of Directors in Clazy Airways Limited on 21st September 2020 in the current role, of Chairperson and Managing Director at Clazy Airways Limited. He is overviewing and leading the business and financial turnaround of the Company.

Dr. Roshan Vijay is a young and energetic entrepreneur and had completed a doctorate degree in surgery. Roshan has administrative experience in aviation for more than four years. He is involving in setting up integrated airway services with established airway companies across the globe.


Roshan joined the Board of Directors in Clazy Airways Limited on 21st September 2020. He has been the creative think tank for the company and persisting in bringing innovative ideas to Clazy Airways Limited. Being a doctor, he had involved himself in many social activities and had conducted numerous seminars and free medical camps across southern India.

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Shanmugavadivu joined the Board of Directors in Clazy Airways Limited on 21st September 2020. Having excellent administrative skills in various sectors she took up the core responsibility of human resource management in Clazy Airways Limited. Shanmugavadivu has a curated technique of designing and crafting the best flying club membership programs exclusively for Clazy Airways clients. She is also the companies sound representative when it comes to corporate tie-ups and outbound integrations. 

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