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The ATR 42-600 is the perfect tool for the replacement of small turboprops and regional jets. Thanks to its smaller capacity and low trip cost, the ATR 42-600 is perfectly suited to opening, developing, and sustaining our operations while delivering the best economics.


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The ATR 42-600 with up to 50 seats, and the ATR 72-600 with up to 78 seats, offer the same, unparalleled, cabin design and passenger experience with:

  • The widest cross-section

  • The widest seats

  • The widest aisle



Enhanced technology and performance in the ATR 42-600. Developed and manufactured in both Italy and France, the ATR 42-600 is a powerful twin-turboprop plane. It was first announced in late 2007 and has not only an improved cockpit but also a more comfortable cabin, making it a great choice for passengers who value comfort and value.


Designed to improve both passenger comfort and airplane function, the ATR 42-600 is smaller, more compact, but incredibly powerful. It’s a great option for unique airports where other airplanes may struggle to take off and land due to obstacles or problems with the landing strip.  By using many of the same components as their other planes, ATR ensured that their 42-600 would be easy to maintain and repair. This plane is a great improvement on the ATR 42-500 thanks to the inclusion of the improved glass cockpit. The ATR 42-600 designation is actually not EASA recognized as a model or variant. The difference between the 42-500 and the 42-600 is in the cockpit.


Larger and lighter seats make flying in this plane incredibly comfortable. The slim seats are under larger overhead bins that are wider than normal and have been reshaped. This reshaping allows passengers to easily store more items in the bins. Additionally, there is a 30% more roller bag stowage capability over the ATR 500 planes. 

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